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About Us and Contact Information

Ag Water was designed by University of Arizona water quality scientists and top app developers. The risk calculator was designed by scientists at the University of Arizona with assistance from University of California, Davis. Financial support for this project came from the Center for Produce Safety.

Ag Water is intended for use by growers in the leafy greens industry to assist with maintaining compliance with national water regulations. Please email us if you have any questions or comments:

Project Lead: Channah Rock, Ph.D, University of Arizona
App Design & Content: Dametreea Carr, University of Arizona
Project Partners: Kelly Bright, Ph.D, University of Arizona; Chuck Gerba, Ph.D, University of Arizona; Akrum Tamimi, Ph.D, University of Arizona
Risk Calculator: Rupinder Mashiana, University of California Davis; and Linda Harris, Ph.D, University of California, Davis
App Developers: Gregory Buczek and University of Arizona UITS Mobile Services

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